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The Center Church Choir is a mixed-voice ensemble that rehearses Wednesday evenings and sings the worship service each Sunday morning, mid-September through mid-May.  In addition, the choir sings at other important services during the year.  Professional singers from the Hartford area, who serve as section leaders, join volunteers and the Warburton Choral Scholars (see separate page) to explore and present the power and subtlety of choral music.  In that process, the choir develops as an intimate community within the larger body of the congregation. 

In keeping with the ever-expanding tradition of great music for the church, the choir learns and offers a wide range of anthems, responses, and larger works.  The choir often presents a concert at some point during the choir season.  If you are interested in learning more about or singing with the choir, or if you would like to know more about the larger music ministry of Center Church, please contact the Church Office at (860) 249-5631

Audio clips of the Center Church Choir (Maundy Thursday Service, 2014):

Abide with Me, ‘Tis Eventide (Harrison Millard)

“Kyrie” from Missa Brevis ‘Via Aurum’ [Brief Mass ‘Gold Street’] (Benjamin Rauch)

“Sanctus et Benedictus” from Missa Brevis ‘Via Aurum’ [Brief Mass ‘Gold Street’] (Benjamin Rauch)

The Center Church Choir, 2018-2019 Season