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The ministries and operations of Center Church rely on the faithful and generous monetary gifts given by our church members and friends. As you consider whether or not to make a donation to support the healing ministries and vital work of this church, consider these few reasons to give:

The First Reason to Give: Gratitude

Biblical stewardship reminds us that we are a blessed people. Every single day of our lives we experience the goodness of the Creator in some fashion. God’s grace is present with us in the love that surrounds us; the beauty of a sunset; the strength to work; the safety of our homes; the freedom to worship; the gift of growing old; the opportunity to do good in the world; the small gesture of kindness that enlightens our day; the creativity of the human mind; the dreams of peace and solidarity that we share with other. Wherever we turn, we can see the presence of God and God’s providential care for us and for the whole world. Our giving is just one way to say “thank you.”

We Give Because Together We Can Make a Bigger Difference

The ministries and mission of Center Church transcend the walls of our buildings. Each one of you, when you go back into the world, take in your hearts the message of love, solidarity, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace that is proclaimed and embodied by this church. In your life outside the church, you may be a teacher or an accountant, a full time mother or a businessman, but wherever you go, you take with you the teachings and message of Jesus Christ that you learn in your church. Hopefully, the words of Christ shape the way you live at home and how you relate to others at work.

When you support Center Church financially, you also help the church to feed the homeless; to clothe the poor; to give an opportunity for people in places as far as Africa to earn a livelihood and to bring joy to families that receive our Christmas gifts through Manna.

Without your faithful giving, you would not be able to offer a Sunday school program or to host special events in the Church House; to have regular Sunday services or to provide pastoral care and guidance to our church family. When you make a gift to Center Church you are affirming your faith in the future of our church.

When You Give You Set an Example for Future Generations

French academic René Girard says that human beings are by nature mimetic. That is, we learn from one another through the process of modeling and imitation. We learn everything we know from those people around us. The wisdom of the Bible also tells us to instruct the child in the way he/she should go, and even when he/she is old he/she will not depart from it (See Proverbs 22:6). When we give faithfully, we are teaching our children to be generous and to seek to make a difference in the world.

Consider making a gift to Center Church today by clicking here.