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Center Church welcomes children with open hearts and arms. Our Church School is small but it is very vibrant. Children are grouped according to age and grade and are taught the faith through drama, puppetry, crafts, music, games and service projects.

We believe that through music in particular, children can begin to learn the foundations of the Christian faith. The Church School music leader helps Center Church children to learn hymns, songs and responses, which they sing during worship in the Meeting House.

Infants and toddlers (up to age 3) along with their parents are especially welcomed in our two nursery locations. The downstairs Meeting House location is fully staffed. Here parents can listen to the service while changing a diaper, nursing or allowing their children to play.

The Second location is on the second floor of the Church House and is staffed by parents, other adult volunteers from the congregation or our nursery staff. Together they provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere for children and stress Center Church’s commitment to make the Christian faith meaningful to all God’s children, regardless of age.

The Church School meets from mid-September through the Sunday preceding Memorial Day weekend at 9:00 am.

Based on our Safe Church Policy, anyone wishing to teach or help in the Church School must consistently participate in the life of the church for at least six months and be subject to a background check. Currently most of our faithful teaching staff consist of members who have been associated with Center Church for ten years or longer.

For more information about Church School at Center Church, please contact the Church Office.