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Lighting the Steeple

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“Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3) were the first words God spoke in Scriptures. In the story of creation, light is the essential instrument used by God to bring life into the world. From the beginning, a light shone in human history, dispelling the darkness and setting into motion God’s creative power.

Center Church believes that God also calls this congregation to be a creative and life-giving light in the city. Every evening, we light our steeple to remind Hartford and the world that God’s creative power is still at work in human history. And you can support our efforts to be a light in the heart of the city by making a gift to light the steeple.

Lighting the steeple in a sign of hope, faith and celebration began in 1946. Donations are made to Center Church in memory of loved ones, in celebration of a milestone in a person’s life, in thanksgiving for God’s goodness or in a sheer willingness to keep the light shining in the darkness. Every donor is duly recognized in the Sunday bulletin and/or other publications of the church each time the steeple is illumined. Wording of memorials, celebrations, and thanksgiving remind the church and the city of our hope and faith. To learn more, click here.  Let there be light!