Sermon & Worship




Sunday, October 19:        The (Wo)Man in the Mirror

Sunday, October 12:        An Urban Minister's Heart

Sunday, September 21:   House of Cards

Sunday, September 14:  Covenant

Sunday, September 7:  Promise

Sunday, August 17:       The Power of Words

Sunday, August 3:          A Jesus Happy Meal

Sunday, July 27:             God's Creation, Our Responsibility

Sunday, July 20:             Holy Places

Sunday, July 13:              Got Compost?

Sunday, June 29:             A Church in the World

Sunday, June 22:             Fear Itself

Sunday, June 10:             Charged

Sunday, May 25:              Have You Seen the Spirit?

Sunday, April 20:             Encounter (Easter Sunday)

Sunday, April 6:                In the Absence of God

Sunday, March 23:          Behaving

Sunday, March 16:          Believing

Sunday, February 2:       Blessedness vs. Happiness



Sunday, November 17:  Faith: A Public Work

Sunday, October 20:      Against All Odds

Sunday, October 13:       Building Upon Our Heritage

Sunday, September 8:   Celebrating

Sunday, August 4:          In Pursuit of Happiness

Sunday, June 30:             But First

Sunday, June 2:                Faith Unlikely

Sunday, May 19:               Holy Spirit Launched

Sunday, March 17:          Are you a FOMO or a FLOP Christian?

Sunday, March 10:          In My Life

Sunday, March 3:            Got Junk?

Sunday, February 24:    Desolate Places

Sunday, February 3:       Sermon Transcript

Sunday, January 6:         Sermon Transcript

Sunday, January 20:      Sermon Transcript

Sunday, January 27:      Sermon Transcript


Sunday, December 23:  Sermon Transcript

Sunday, December 9:     Sermon Transcript

Sunday, December 2:     Sermon Transcript

Sunday, November 18:  Sermon Transcript

Sunday, November 11:  Sermon Transcript

Sunday, October 14:       Sermon Transcript

Sunday, October 7:          Sermon Transcript

Sunday, August 19:          Sermon Transcript

Sunday, August 12:          Sermon Transcript

Sunday, July 22:                Sermon Transcript

Sunday, July 8:                   Sermon Transcript

Sunday, June 24:               Sermon Transcript

Sunday, June 3:                  Meditation




Sunday, December 11: Sermon Transcript Bulletin Audio
Sunday, December 4: Sermon Transcript Bulletin Audio
Sunday, November 27: Sermon Transcript Bulletin Audio