Memorial Garden

Dedicated on Founders’ Day in 1993, the Center Church Memorial Garden, offers a beautiful space on the south side of the Meeting House where cremated remains of loved ones can be interred.

Affirming that death is part of life, the Memorial Garden stands quietly at a busy corner of the city reminding us that "...whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's" (Romans 14:8b)

There is no fee for burial of the cremains of members of Center Church in the Memorial Garden. Contributions given in memory of loved ones are welcome to help defray the costs associated with the engraving of the Memorial Plaque that is placed in the Meeting House in honor of the deceased as well as the ongoing maintenance of the garden.

The costs of preparing cremains for interment is payable directly to the Funeral Home handling plans for the funeral.

Questions regarding the Center Church Memorial Garden may be directed to the Church Office.